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Frank M. Whiting

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aka Crescendro

Georgian Shell

Kings Court
aka Neopolitan

aka Floral

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Frank M. Whiting initially worked for his father,
William D. Whiting, president of Whiting Mfg. Co.
In 1878, Frank M. Whiting formed a silverware firm with two partners,
which he ultimately bought out and shortly thereafter
renamed Frank M. Whiting & Co.
In 1881, his father, William D. Whiting, became a partner.
William D. Whiting died in 1891 and Frank M. Whiting passed away in 1892.
In 1895, the firm became a stock company and could no longer use the
W with Griffin hallmark of Whiting Mfg. Co.
From 1896 onwards, the company's hall mark was the W mark.

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